I'm not lawyer, but if we learned anything from that Pepsi documentary about the jet that guy didn't win, words are binding and no one can pass up a good challenge. Iowa's most famous Mexican grill has issued a challenge like no other.

Pancheros Mexican Grill, which was founded in Iowa City, has issued a challenge for a chance to win free burritos for a year. One of my New Year resolutions for 2024 is to go viral and eat more burritos so I may be the one to take them up on this insane challenge.

Pancheros Beginnings In Iowa

In case you didn't Pancheros Mexican Grill was started in Iowa. Most specifically, Iowa City. Opening its first location in 1992 by Rodney Anderson, Pancheros quickly became a college town favorite and people fell in love.


Pancheros was founded by Anderson as a fresh take on the Chicago taquerias he grew up with. With freshly pressed tortillas and mixing the burrito ingredients with Bob the Tool, Pancheros is a college students dream and a bank account's nightmare. Loved by all who try it, Pancheros is addicting and I know first hand.

The 'freshman 20' doesn't come from beer anymore.

Pancheros' Challenge For Free Burritos For A Year

The internet is a great place and social media is where everything thrives. I first saw this on Facebook but had to confirm on X (formally known as Twitter) that this was accurate. Here is what I saw and couldn't believe my eyes:

And here is the proof on X:

After I saw this and read the thread, it was clear that this challenge is real.


Visit and order at all 26 Iowa Pancheros locations in one day. Start in West Des Moines and in Iowa City. Think you can do it? It's possible.

Helping You Get Burritos For A Year

And to make it even more possible for you, well, mainly me, to complete this challenge, I made this map but actually one you can use. The map in these two posts are just a photo. This is the map with addresses and the order in which you could complete the challenge:

How much would this cost you? Besides the gas and the 'sooner than normal oil change' you'll have to pay for, at $10.75 per burrito and the 7% Iowa sales tax, for 26 burritos you're looking at $299.07.

If that gets you free burritos for a year, that should be well worth it. I'm telling myself that because I want to do this so bad. To get those free burritos you just need to be the first person in Iowa to complete the challenge. Good luck.

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