There's a bit of a glimmer of hope that COVID is almost behind us.

The CDC has updated it's guidelines for what COVID patients need to do if they test positive for the virus, according to NBC Chicago.

Remember 2020? If you tested positive for the 'vid, you were in quarantine for like 2 weeks. Everyone avoided you like (because of) the literal plague. We social distanced and masked up for well over a year to avoid getting sick. Now, the CDC is saying you don't have to isolate for so long if you get COVID.


The CDC's new guidance for COVID patients is now along the same lines as it is with the flu or a respiratory illness: stay home when you're sick but you can return to work or school after you've been without a fever for 24 hours.

That's a huge improvement on 5 days or definitely 2 weeks.

CDC director Dr. Mandy Cohen had more good news about COVID stats. She said that over the last couple of years, weekly hospital admissions for COVID have dropped over 75% and deaths have decreased by 90%.

Now even though the isolation time has been lifted from 5 days, the CDC is still warning you to mask up and play it on the safe side if you've been sick but you have to get out.

Another COVID shot is expected to be available this fall. Even though there's still cases of COVID floating around, it's definitely an improvement on the hot mess pandemic year none of us will ever forget.

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