If you're a fan of things that go "bump" in the night, this conference (and town) may be perfect for you.

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Among the Most Haunted Small Towns in America

If there were going to be a conference that celebrates all things strange and unusual, then a haunted little town would be the perfect location.  One small town in Illinois is said to be among the most haunted small towns in America, and it's appropriately home to the Haunted America Conference.

Alton, Illinois

Alton is said to be one of the most haunted small towns in America, and according to legend was even called a "dismal little river town" by Mark Twain.  According to Alton Hauntings, the town has been the setting for many murders, crimes, deaths, and diseases and this history contributes to it's haunted legacy.

From those days, through the early 1900s, Alton saw more than its share of death, disease, disaster, violence, murder, and even the scars of the Civil War. Today, come see how the events of the past have created the hauntings of what is now being called "one of the most haunted small towns in America."


The Haunted America Conference

Every year, Alton is the backdrop to the Haunted America Conference.  A conference that celebrates and explores all things paranormal. The event will take place from June 20th through 23rd 2024.  You'll be able to see unique vendors at the Haunted America Conference, as well as the Traveling Museum of Momento Mori, and of course, you'll hear plenty of ghostly tales along the way.

The Haunted America Conference is always the most fun you'll have at a paranormal event, but we want to make sure that our guests always take away something from the weekend, including research on ghosts and hauntings they won't hear anywhere else, the opportunity to meet ghost enthusiasts from across the country, and the chance to be part of a real community of open-minded individuals with an interest in the unexplained.

If the paranormal conference sounds up your alley, you can check out the Haunted America Conference website for ticket information, here.

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