This is a sign of the times!

While we've seen a rise in trends like Dry January, hop-flavored N/A seltzers, and alcohol-free distilled spirits, this Illinois-based brewery is covering new ground here in the Midwest.

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Having lived in West Michigan when the craft beer scene was first on the rise I can attest to never having gone thirsty while living in Grand Rapids, MI a.k.a. Beer City USA.

However, with the record number of brewery closures and sales we've seen over the last few years like Open Road in Wayland or Tapistry in Bridgman, it seems like the craft beer bubble is about to burst.

That's why I'm so intrigued by this new concept in Illinois. Sure there are plenty of non-alcoholic beers you can buy off store shelves, but an entire taproom dedicated to N/A  brews? Tell me more!

Go Brewing
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Go Brewery

Located just outside of Chicago in Naperville, Illinois, Go Brewing is, of the country's first (if not the first) breweries focusing exclusively on non-alcoholic beer and NA beverages.

Launched in 2023 you'll find nearly a dozen N/A brews available in their taproom in addition to online! In fact, last year they sold over $23,000 in online orders, a number they will no doubt crush in 2024. Remember, since there's no alcohol that allows them to sell freely-- in most states.

While I can't say I'm the target audience for Go Brewing, I certainly have many friends and acquaintances who prefer not to imbibe. I commend owners Joe and Heather Chura for creating a space for everyone. 

You want to grab drinks with friends. You don’t want to wake up feeling like crap. And the two shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

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