Celebrities coming to the Wisconsin area is something that excites many locals, including myself. But something quite special can happen when they go out of their way to show some love to our amazing local restaurants.

If you're as much of a TikTok and podcast lover as I am, this will definitely excite you as much as it did me. I have been such a fan of this person for so long and watching her review a Milwaukee restaurant made me so happy!

Brooke Schofield Visits & Reviews Local Milwaukee Restaurant

I grew up watching Tana Mongeau, and she is currently on tour with her Cancelled Podcast co-host and friend Brooke Schofield. I have been SUCH a fan of these girls for years! So much so, that I even got a chance to see them on tour in Cedar Rapids!

Brooke is an avid lover of TikTok and has been making videos of local food joints she's visited while on the road. Recently, they made a stop in Milwaukee that left her realizing just how good the Midwest is when it comes to food. Although, I dare say I gasped a bit when I saw what she did with her mac & cheese.

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She and her friends visited a restaurant by the name of Cafe Benelux! Check out how the review goes down because it's even leaving me hungry haha! The food at this place sounds and looks amazing!



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This is just my opinion-- I know many people who put ketchup on their mac & cheese, but I think that deserves jail time. It's not my vibe. But regardless, I love her and Tana and all of the fun TikToks they make while on tour. Also, if you haven't seen them live, I recommend it!

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