We're back with another edition of The Boot's Weekly Picks, which highlights great new tracks from the world of country, Americana, folk and everything in between.

This week's list features a powerful and deeply personal story-song from Ron Pope, a message of affirmation from Bobby Stevens, while Brittany Ann Tranbaugh unpacks the mix of emotions that comes when navigating a long distance relationship.

Keep reading to check out the latest installment of The Boot's Weekly Picks, and check back every week for more great tracks curated by our contributing team.

  • The Watson Twins

    "The Palace"

    Talented sisters Chandra and Leigh Watson, better known as The Watson Twins, have unveiled the first cut from their upcoming Butch Walker-produced record Holler, due out June 23 via Bloodshot Records.

    The twangy, anthemic cut feels especially timely as the pair harmoniously chant "holler if you hear me" during the song's chorus. It's a delightful and energizing intro to the duo's seventh studio album, recorded in Nashville over the course of just five days. -- Lorie Liebig

  • Ron Pope

    "The Real Thing"

    Ron Pope has a knack for finesse in his music. His cadence and sense of melody lean strongly towards pop-country, but his lyrics ring 1000% true. "The Real Thing" anchors his upcoming album, Inside Voices, out this June on Brooklyn Basement Records. 

    The track recalls Ron's experience waiting while his wife was diagnosed with a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy. Fortunately, she survived, but this experience came after a miscarriage. 

    Pope recorded this album while he and his young family recovered from heartbreak and fear. "The Real Thing" brings us raw vulnerability and fear as Pope considers how empty his life would be without his wife. -- Rachel Cholst

  • Robert Ellis

    "Close Your Eyes"

    Texas songsmith Robert Ellis presents a sweet, intimate portrait of the life he shares alongside his loved ones. Penned as a soothing melody sung to Ellis' young child, "Close Your Eyes" is a gentle and comforting snapshot of an early moment in his journey through parenthood. -- Lorie Liebig

  • Brittany Ann Tranbaugh

    "Can't Wait No Rush"

    Philadelphia singer-songwriter Brittany Ann Tranbaugh knows how to write a tight groove, and that's evident on "Can't Wait No Rush." The song portrays the sweetness and grief inherent in a long-distance relationship. Tranbaugh's dynamic performance sells the story, while her band cushions the emotional blow with an assurance that combines '90s jangle rock and country music. -- Rachel Cholst

  • Bobby Stevens

    "Lines Between Stars"

    Bobby Stevens is no stranger to making music, but he almost gave it up. If it weren't for some lockdown pep talks with his friends in St. Louis' DIY scene, he would've thrown it all away. 

    "Lines Between Stars" picks up that thread, with Stevens' thoughtful folk music interwoven with his early punk rock influences. The song is a statement of purpose, an affirmation of the road less-traveled, of shooting for the stars and enjoying the journey even when you miss. -- Rachel Cholst

  • Day Dreems


    Portland singer-songwriter Day Dreems hits the power pop sweet spot on "Easy." Fans of Aaron Lee Tasjan and Mya Byrne will find lots to love in this upbeat celebration of the creative process.

    Day Dreems keeps their lyrics simple and sweet, proving that, well, good songwriting can be easy -- sometimes, at least. And when it all comes smoothly, it's worth the agonies of writer's block. -- Rachel Cholst