I must admit that these confirmed reports surprised me. It's one of the more common food chain brands in Wisconsin, but the company is reportedly planning to close 35 locations this year.

This is no lone internet rumor. The Today Show, Eat This, Not That and Finance Buzz are all reporting that 35 locations of Applebee's will be closed by year's end. According to the official Applebee's website, there are currently 22 restaurants still open in Wisconsin.


You might remember there was a controversial incident t the Kenosha, Wisconsin Applebee's involving a forceful arrest of a couple.

As of this writing, there are no confirmations of which 35 Applebee's will be closed by the end of 2024. I won't speculate or report rumors, but this story will be updated once locations are confirmed.

It's important to note that Applebee's President Tony Moralejo is saying that Applebee's is not a struggling company, but the 35 locations that will be closed are in what he terms as "struggling markets". There is no word if any (or how many) of the Wisconsin Applebee's will be affected by the planned closures.

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