I have seen this so often in Missouri, I just figured it was a big birds nest, but I was wrong. Have you seen the big ball of leaves and sticks in your Missouri trees and wondered what's going on? It's not bird's nest that you're looking at.

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My family doesn't live that far from the Mississippi River in Missouri and we see all kinds of birds including big ones like hawks, vultures and even a few eagles. That's why when I saw scenes like this in nearby trees, I figured it was a big bird's nest. It is not.

Linzy's Vids via YouTube
Linzy's Vids via YouTube

If they're not bird's nests, what are the big balls of leaves and sticks in Missouri trees?

This is the time of year when nests are built by squirrels. The nests are called a "drey". What you're looking at is a Missouri squirrel nest.

The Missouri Department of Conservation says squirrel mating season is in late December into early January. These nests are built as these animals prepare for that time. If you have lots of eastern gray squirrels and eastern fox squirrels in your neighborhood, you are no doubt already seeing nests high up in the trees.

Another grand Missouri wildlife mystery solved.

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