If you're a fan of Wayfair and also happen to live in or near Illinois, great news for you. This retailer will finally have a brick and mortar location and it will be exclusively in the Land of Lincoln.

Good catch by financial website 24/7 Wall St that just shared the news that Wayfair will have a retail location. While all of their money has been made through ecommerce, this will be an actual store and it's coming to this Illinois shopping center.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

This is Eden's Plaza located at 3232 Lake Avenue in Wilmette, Illinois. Wilmette is located north of the Chicago area. According to the report of this one and only retail location, Wayfair has had rough times recently and this brick and mortar store coming to Illinois is an attempt to turn that downturn around.

There's no announced opening date for this Wilmette, Illinois Wayfair store as of the date of this writing. Will you road trip to a physical version of a store most have only shopped at online? It's an interesting concept and it's likely a good thing that Wayfair has decided to attempt this experiment in Illinois. Perhaps this will be the start of something big for them and other locations in Illinois that also would welcome new business like this.

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