If you are planning a summer road trip, try to fill up outside of the Land of Lincoln if you need to save money, once again, gas is on the rise in Illinois. Here are the details on how much you'll be paying starting July 1st...

According to an article from NBC Chicago, the annual gas tax raise in Illinois will once again go into effect on July 1st. How much will the gas tax be starting in July? The current gas tax is 45 cents a gallon and will increase to 47 cents a gallon.

In the article, they say "The taxes on diesel fuel will also rise from $0.529 to $0.545 per gallon, an increase of just over 3%... In 2019, lawmakers voted to make a change to how the tax was figured, allowing it to rise from $0.19 to $0.38 and then to increase each year based on inflation." The article goes on to mention that the state of Illinois has made over $2.67 BILLION in gas taxes this past calendar year, to read more on the increase, click here!

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Enough is Enough...

At what point can we just stop? 5 years ago we only paid 19 cents a gallon tax on gas, now we are at 47 cents!!! That basically a DOLLAR in taxes for 2 gallons of gas... People out here are struggling, at what point will the leaders of the state cut us a break? We are lucky here in Quincy, IL, I haven't bought gas in this state in a long time because we can cross the river into Missouri to get our gas much cheaper, but I feel for the people in Peoria, Springfield, and central Illinois, they are stuck buying gas in the Land of Taxes...I mean Lincoln.

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