The data is out and the unemployment numbers in the Land of Lincoln are among the WORST in the entire US, what can be done to solve this crisis? Here are the details you need to know...

According to the experts at Illinois Policy, Illinois has the 4th worst unemployment rate in the US at 4.7% of the state's workforce being unemployed, the only states worse than Illinois are Nevada, New Jersey, and California. The really alarming number is that Illinois is well above the national average unemployment rate of 3.7%, and Illinois is an outlier compared to its neighbors like Wisconsin, Missouri, and Iowa which are all below the national average.

The article goes on to mention how the Land of Lincoln has lost over 6,000 jobs during the last calendar year, and the largest growing workforce in the state is with the government, locally and federally, to see all the data on Illinois' unemployment issues, click here!

What can be done?

Part of the issue is, obviously, the loss of jobs, we need great jobs to attract good candidates. So the state needs to make the environment more favorable for businesses to create good-paying jobs, and on top of that, the state needs to incentivize people working and having a job. But there are jobs available, if you go to Indeed right now and search for jobs in Quincy you'll see plenty of open positions, so why aren't people working? States like North Dakota have a 1.9% unemployment rate, why? Because the people who are there are there to work. Illinois has a culture where people don't want to be here, and don't want to work the jobs that are here. The state has a lot of work to do to change that culture, but until it does, this issue isn't going to get any better...

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