It's not a good summer to be a tree in Illinois. The Land of Lincoln is already experiencing an invasion of two cicada broods and now there's suddenly a new threat from an invasive bug that's been spotted in Illinois putting millions of trees in danger.

While many in Illinois have been dreading the historic invasion of two separate cicada broods simultaneously, the damage they do to trees is superficial for the most part. The new invasive species spotted in Illinois is a more serious threat since it has already killed millions of trees.

The USDA National Invasive Species Center is warning Illinois that there have now been hundreds of reports of the feared Emerald Ash Borer. This map they shared shows already more than 200 reports in Illinois of this tree-killing pest.


The Emerald Ash Borer isn't supposed to be in Illinois. It's native to parts of Asia, but not in North America. They first arrived in the northeast and tore a path through forests until now there are confirmed appearances in Illinois.

The USDA says this Emerald Ash Borer invasion is so serious it brings to question the future of Ash trees. This invasive bug is the main reason why Illinois will not allow you to move firewood more than 50 miles. It's an effort to stymie the spread of this pest any more than it already has.

The USDA Plant and Animal Service is asking for your help. If you see a tree that has Emerald Ash Borer damage, you can submit a report through their online portal.

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