As I recall from my educational years, 'D' is a passing grade, but just barely. That's the grade that 8 Illinois hospitals just received as they were ranked for patient safety.

My lowest grade in high school was a 'D' in physics. Fortunately, my professional life has not involved any physics so no one was harmed by my failings. When it comes to Illinois hospitals, that's a totally different and more serious story.

Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade just ranked many Illinois hospitals based on their patient safety which includes how their systems protect against errors, how they support their staff and issues they've had with infections.

With all of those factors measured, only 8 Illinois hospitals received 'D' grades for patient safety:

Let me add just one additional thought. While many of the Illinois hospitals that received the lowest 'D' grade in the state due to problems with infections following procedures and surgeries, deciding on whether you put your trust in a health facility is a serious decision. I would not base my decision on just one ranking and wouldn't recommend that to you either. To its credit, this new ranking which does appear to be based on new data from as recent as late last year. If nothing else, it's a good jumping off point to additional research so you know you're putting your health in the hands of professionals and facilities you can trust.

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