No one knows why at this point, but there's a wild security camera video that shows a deer that jumped through a window and into an Illinois senior citizens home.

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WGN News shared this remarkable video of a deer that ran by an automotive dealership in suburban Westmont, Illinois. After running by and in some cases up against windows there, the spooked animal headed toward a nearby senior citizens home and jumped through a window.

The remarkable aspect of this is despite reports that the deer ran into a couple of residents and headbutted another, there were no injuries reported from this wounded buck's adventure.

Sadly, it does appear the deer itself was injured probably prior to the appearance on the security cameras as the dealership reported some blood on its windows. They're unsure if the animal was hit by a vehicle prior to coming by their location. All they can say now is the animal escaped back into the wild after breaking through the window of the senior center.

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