If you've spent enough time near the Mississippi River, you know there are some strange things in those waters. That's proved true again as a man in Iowa just found something next to the river and no one has a clue what it is.

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This mystery began when Jeff Barton shared this strange picture on the I grew up in Iowa! Facebook group. My first response was to think this was some type of ancient blowfish. I'm pretty sure I'm wrong.

Jeff Barton, Facebook
Jeff Barton, Facebook

I reached out to Jeff through Facebook messenger to see what the backstory is behind this strange creature. I'll update this story with details if I hear back.

Based on the comments on Jeff's post, many believe it's some type of petrified or fossilized fish. I've searched through just about every fish picture I can find on the internet and can't locate anything remotely close other than this blowfish.

It does look a little like a pufferfish, but not quite.

What in the world did Jeff Barton find next to the Mississippi River? Inquiring minds want to know. The truth is out there somewhere...or in this case "under" the waters of the Mississippi River.

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