There are some new Walmart facts to consider in 2024 and more than a heaping helping of speculation. I have some of both as many are wondering out loud if Walmart would dare to close any Missouri stores in 2024? The answer is a great big maybe.

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Let's start with some Walmart facts. Scrape Hero reports there are a grand total of 129 Walmart locations in Missouri. That puts the average population that live near these stores at just over 44,000 by their count. That's an important number to remember.

Here are some other Walmart facts. The Street has confirmed that Walmart has already started closing some locations in 2024. The good news (for Missouri and not those that live there) is that all have been on the west coast so far.

Let's now attempt to answer the big question. Would Walmart dare to close any Missouri locations in 2024?

While I understand that store closures can be a complicated combination of issues, it boils down to 2 main simple ones.

  • Stores that are underperforming and/or exist in lower population and lower profit areas.
  • Stores that have a higher percentage of shoplifting

We know that it's been reported that Missouri Walmart stores have reported an unusually high amount of thefts to the point where even deodorant and underwear are now under lock and key in some places.

It's believed by many that shoplifting led to 4 Illinois Walmart store closures just last year.

Now, let's do some speculating. I would be absolutely shocked if Walmart closed ANY stores located in non-metro areas. No way I can ever envision a store like the one in Hannibal being closed. But, I do think you'll see potentially a few in metro areas where shoplifting and vandalism have become a critical problem. Mark my words that a St. Louis or Kansas City area Walmart store will eventually have to make this decision.

The short term looks to be good news for Missouri Walmart stores. None have been mentioned so far in the 2024 store closure reports. It's sadly just a matter of time though before thieves end up causing one of the Show Me State stores to lock it up for good eventually though.

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