What would you consider a whopper? I'm guessing by just about anyone's measure this would qualify. A man in Illinois just landed a humongous 109-pound big-head carp and it's real not a fish story.

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You know you've caught a massive fish when USA Today shares a story about it. That's what happened to Charlie Gilpin Jr. who caught this big carp out of the Illinois River near Morris, Illinois. The Illinois River Biological Station shared his big catch on their Facebook page. It appears that Charlie is a professional commercial fisherman which explains a lot.

It's interesting to note that they mentioned in the comments of that post that all carp including big-head are removed from the river when caught as they cause problems for native fish and mussels. As the University of Illinois has shared, all carp are a problem in the Illinois River and the Mississippi River Basin as a whole.  The fact that Charlie landed one of the biggest carp offenders is a double-win.

He should be happy that this big boy wasn't of the flying carp variety. You wouldn't want to get knocked in the head by a 109-pound flying fish.

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