I was always taught that turning left on red was a no-no. As it turns out, that is not always the case. There is one scenario where you can legally turn left on red in Illinois, but it's very specific.

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There are very few states that allow you to turn left on red under any circumstances. But, according to Driving Laws.org, Illinois is one of them...BUT, it's only legal for one situation. Here's their exact wording:

In Illinois, a motorist can do a left turn after stopping at a red light only from a one-way street onto another one-way street.

So only when you come to a red light when you're on a one-way street and turning left onto another one-way street. The other caveat is that you still have to abide by other right-of-way laws and use extreme caution if you're making that left turn on red.

For what it's worth, the same applies in Florida and this state trooper there gives a good explanation.

The problem with attempting this is you need to be at an intersection where visibility to the right is crystal-clear and you don't inadvertently end up turning into the path of another vehicle possibly traveling on the other one-way street and ending up in an accident.

I was always taught to drive assertively and not afraid, but with the utmost caution. That would be especially true in this unique turning left on a solid red light scenario in Illinois. It's not common and should only be done if you're 100% certain that it's OK for the intersection you're at.

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