A famous storm chaser has noticed something that's developing in the atmosphere that could lead to a very stormy (and windy) end to February in Missouri if the models he's shared come true.

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There's a lot of technical meteorological elements involved in what Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer shared on Facebook. I'll summarize as best I can with the help of my meteorologist wife. What Reed Timmer shared is a screenshot from the GFS (Global Forecast System) model which shows what he calls a "ski jump energy ejection" that looks to happen directly over Missouri February 27 and 28.

The result of an energy trough like this COULD be big wind and maybe big storms to go along with it. Note that this model is more than a week away as of this writing which means that the model can and likely will change. This is just another example of letting you know what's possible and what CAN happen. Doesn't mean it's likely, just a possibility.

Reed Timmer is not alone as Tornado Alley Weather Center also mentioned the end of February in Missouri.

The fact that Reed Timmer, who storm chases professionally, is sharing it means he's probably planning to be in or near Missouri at the end of next week to watch this system develop. If he's right about the development of this 'ski jump energy ejection' thing, he will likely not be the only storm chaser in Missouri near the end February.

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