I've never understood shoplifting. The risk versus reward does not seem worth it, but that doesn't stop thieves from trying and sometimes succeeding. What are the things stolen from Missouri Walmart stores the most? Several are very surprising.

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Before I began my radio journey, I was a stockman at the old K-Mart store in Hannibal, Missouri. I could tell you stories, but let's leave that for a different day. I will say that I saw many attempted shoplifting events and the items were very often trivial. That's why the list of stuff stolen from Missouri Walmart stores the most didn't shock me much, but a couple are surprising.

This data comes from the website AS and also from Aisle of Shame. Items you'd think would be the most shoplifted like TV's and game systems aren't on this list. Nope. Here are the things most often taken (or attempted) from Missouri Walmarts.

1. Toilet Paper

That's right. Home essentials like TP are one of the most lifted Walmart things. This explains the shortage a few years ago.

2. Office Supplies

I wish I had a nickel for the many pens I saw leave the shelves at the store I worked at. You'd think this would not be a thing in the digital age of 2023, but it is.

3. Jewelry

This was the least surprising thing on the list for me. The only aspect that made me think jewelry wouldn't be on the list is the security in the jewelry area. But, I've also seen many well-intended employees leaving jewelry on the counter while they show customers other things. Live and learn I guess.

4. Underwear

Genuinely surprised. Unless of course it's Spiderman underwear. That's highly desirable. Ahem.

5. Intimate Stuff

You know that section that I always try to avoid making eye contact with when I'm trying to buy vitamins? Yes, that one. Many people are apparently stealing "thingies" from that part of Walmart while the rest of us are too busy blushing.

6. Food

I've seen people actually eating while shopping at Walmart. I guess naive me figured they'd keep the wrapper and pay for it before they left. Yes, I'm that naive.

7. Cosmetics

This is by far one of the most shoplifted items from Walmart and I was surprised probably because I don't wear (much) makeup. Couple of factors at play here. First, most cosmetics are small and fit in pockets and second, they're often very expensive. That equals shoplifting glee sadly.

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Gallery Credit: Missouri Department of Revenue

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