I cannot say this about many topics in life, but I have become something of a moving expert. Thanks to my career, I've lived in just about every state in the country and that includes Illinois. Here are 5 cities I've learned you need to avoid like they're the plague if you decide Illinois is where you need to be.

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I mean no personal offense to the fine citizens in these Illinois places. I have no doubt many of them are hard-working Americans who probably are very neighborly. But, I bet that even they would agree that these 5 Illinois towns are not for everyone. Let's find out why.

1. Danville

If you look at the most dangerous towns in Illinois, you'll often see Danville near or at the top of the lists. I have had friends that lived in Danville a few decades ago, but they have long since found another place to call home. When 'decay' is used to describe your Illinois place, best to avoid until they turn it around.

2. East St. Louis

This is a no-brainer to warn you away from. Last time I drove through East St. Louis (something I try to avoid at all costs), I saw homes smoldering in the middle of the daytime after they were apparently torched the night before. It looked like a demolition zone and that was probably a good day. Don't go here. Please. Not even as a visitor.

3. Rockford

I'm conflicted over the advice of avoiding Rockford. I still have friends that live and enjoy this Illinois place. But, data shows crime is a real issue there. Here's my unsolicited advice. If you can afford a home in a nice part of town, it's wonderful. If not, go elsewhere and you'll thank me later.

4. Champaign

Champaign is a busy and noisy place. With the University of Illinois and the high crime rate, you'll either hear vehicle noises and/or gunshots all hours of the day and night.

5. Harvey

How does a town of barely 25,000 have a crime rate 87% higher than the national average and second worst in Illinois? Ask Harvey. They are overachievers when it comes to breaking the law and condemning buildings.

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