Let's be honest with each other. Missouri has had it good so far this winter. Other than a couple of severe cold snaps and a couple of storms, we really haven't had a ton of snow. Here's a history lesson to prove we're not out of the woods just yet. There are 7 times when Missouri has been slammed by a surprise snowstorm in March.

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The National Weather Service in St. Louis shared a fun March Weather Facts article that is a kind tap on the shoulder reminding us not to let our guard down in March. There are more than 7 (which should tell you something) March surprises Missouri has experienced, but here are some highlights:

March 2, 2002 - Travel was hammered in central and northeast Missouri when an inch of sleet fell followed by a half foot of snow. Most of the state saw between 4 and 6 inches, but that snowfall on top of sleet made driving a nightmare.

March 4, 2008 - St. Louis, Missouri was the target for a winter storm system that dumped up to a foot of snow in many parts of the metro area. There were some isolated spots that saw even more than that.

March 8, 1999 - A late season snow storm hit northeast Missouri with most of the top half of the state getting up to 6 inches. However, Lewis and Clark Counties both had around 8 inches. Ouch.

March 12, 1937 - Missouri was surprised by a storm that really took aim at Columbia with 12.8 inches dumped that the National Weather Service said was the "6th greatest 24-hour snowfall total on record".

March 20, 2006 - The first day of Spring was welcomed by a snowstorm dumping 6 to 9 inches of snow on northeast Missouri. Time to plant flowers?

March 26, 2002 - Sleet plus 3 to 4 inches of snow shut down I-70 in Missouri for several hours as travel was treacherous.

March 30, 1890 - St. Louis had a shocker of a storm seeing more than 20 inches of snow, the largest snowfall on record ever for that part of Missouri.

The entire National Weather Service March Weather Facts article is a fun read and a reminder to not drop our guard yet on Missouri winter.

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