It happens every year, but it doesn't make in any less harrowing. Soon, the greatest killer in the world will begin its trek back toward Missouri and its arrival is just 2 short months away now.

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If this were a movie, this is when the Jaws theme music would start. I'll spare you that, but it is worth reminding yourself that the arrival of a cold blooded (literally) killer will happen sooner than you think in Missouri.

The Centers for Disease Control estimate that this winged villain claims more than 700,000 lives every single year. What is it? The dreaded and deadly mosquito. 

Mosquito Magnet shared a helpful map showing the average dates when mosquitos return. For Missouri, the average is early April.

Infographic, Mosquito Magnet
Infographic, Mosquito Magnet

What can you do to repel mosquitos in Missouri?

I was born and raised in Missouri and always used to keep the product "OFF" in my medicine cabinet. That and "Bactine" were regular go-to's to deal with mosquitos and their aftermath. What I didn't know is that the CDC has a half dozen things you can use even if you're pregnant and breastfeeding that are safe:

  • DEET
  • Picaridin (known as KBR 3023 and icaridin outside the US)
  • IR3535
  • Oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE)
  • Para-menthane-diol (PMD)
  • 2-undecanone

I don't take mosquitos nearly as seriously as I probably should. To me they've always been a necessary nuisance for living in Missouri. It goes with the territory. I understand they are carriers of vicious diseases that are much more of a problem in countries that don't have adequate health care or sanitation conditions. Even in Missouri, it's good to prepare and repel these vicious blood suckers. It's almost that time of year - again.

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