I do not agree with this. I want to be clear that the concept that Illinois is a bad place to raise a family is the opinion of the internet and probably not from anyone that has lived in the Land of Lincoln. Let's explore why they think that's the case.

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This brand new ranking which just hit the internet earlier today from 24/7 Wall St is an interesting read for many reasons. The first thing I noticed are the low number of metrics they included in the methodology (unless I'm misunderstanding). It's simply the number of families in Illinois and a "family fun score".

With all the numbers crunched, they ranked Illinois near the bottom of America as the 38th worst state in America to raise a family. But, why?

Here's what I don't understand. They ranked Illinois as 4th among the most "fun" family states, yet they're 38th overall? What gives?

I think this is based on a WalletHub ranking. Their methodology was deeper including such things as the previously mentioned "family fun" factor plus health, safety and socioeconomic things. I won't pretend to understand all those numbers, but those are likely where Illinois got dinged.

Here's my 2 cents. I was born and raised in Missouri, but have lived in Illinois many many times in my life and not once did I have a bad experience. My family was just fine in Illinois, so my advice is to just take this internet thing and file it away with all the other internet things that really don't necessarily have much to do with reality.

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