It's been said that the more things change, the more they stay the same. This is actually the opposite of that. It's big changes that are currently in their experimental stages that may be coming to at least 2 Illinois Walmart locations.

This is no hearsay or rumors from a third party source, but directly from Walmart itself in a press release. According to the corporate Walmart site, there are only 2 Neighborhood Market locations in Illinois, but 136 Supercenters, 14 discount stores and 25 Sam's Club stores.

Walmart says it has started experimenting with changes at its Neighborhood Market stores beginning in Atlanta, Georgia and one store in Florida. They've renovated these 2 stores making them "17,000 square feet larger than the average Neighborhood Market" with bigger "Fresh" areas meaning the delis will have more food and more options including what they call "hot box" options.

Walmart is also widening the checkout aisles making it faster to get your stuff, pay for it then leave.

The question is if/when these changes will come to the Illinois Neighborhood Markets. Based on their press release, you'd have to think it would be soon as they say they will be evaluating community needs and since the Collinsville and Chicago, Illinois stores are in big metro areas with big nearby populations.

Time will tell if Illinois Walmart Neighborhood Markets will get these big upgrades sooner, later or never.

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