Don't take this wrong if you live in Illinois, but I was frankly shocked to learn that it's very possible that the Land of Lincoln has one of the lowest divorce rates in America. Can this possibly be true?

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The fact that I have so many Illinois friends who have unfortunately gone through a divorce is likely why I'm in a state of disbelief about a new statistic I've just found. There's a new study by 24/7 Wall St that ranks the states based on their divorce rate.

Here's the graphic they shared which shows the states with the lowest divorce rates. You might want to sit down for this to prevent falling over either from shock or laughter.

Infographic, Form Rush/24/7 Wall St
Infographic, Form Rush/24/7 Wall St

How did Illinois end up with one of the lowest divorce rates in America?

According to the methodology shared by 24/7 Wall St, they said "Formrush looked at CDC and Statista data to determine divorce rates across 45 states. It then looked at the figures on a per 1,000 basis."

I will have to file this study under the "it's probably accurate, but it doesn't feel accurate" category, but let's just accept it for the good news it is. Apparently.

Check out the full 24/7 Wall St/Form Rush study if you'd like to dig deeper into why very few split up in Illinois. Apparently.

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