I'm always hesitant to call something the 'most beautiful' because there is literally no science involved. Beauty is one of the most subjective words in the world. However, I think People Magazine may have gotten it right when they named one Chicago place the most beautiful restaurant in Illinois. The Lake Michigan and Chicago River views are worth the price of admission.

Forgive me People Magazine as I know you don't like being referred to as a "magazine" anymore since magazines have gone the way of the hula-hoop, but that's how I'll always think of you. From here on out, I'll just call you "People". Fine.

People's choice for the most beautiful restaurant in Illinois is likely to be a controversial one since there are so many options in the Land of Lincoln, but their choice looks pretty epic. They say Tre Dita (which I hear is Italian for "three fingers") is Illinois' most beautiful restaurant according to People.

This ritzy Chicago place is above my pay grade, but I do love me some Italian food. Where's my fork? The fact that I regularly say stuff like that is why I'm probably not welcome at this restaurant. (*sad face*)

People says they chose this restaurant because "Tre Dita’s swanky dining room gazes upon Lake Michigan and the Chicago River through dramatic 40-foot windows." Can't argue with those views for sure.

The entire People "most beautiful restaurants for all 50 states" is an interesting opinion on where food meets beauty.

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