Most of us take the internet for granted, but for many in Illinois their access to being online may end in May according to numerous government reports. It appears well more than 600,000 may lost internet access completely unless something drastic happens soon.

The FCC has a document about their Affordable Connectivity Program which has provided millions with internet access they wouldn't otherwise have. But, there's a problem. According to the government's website, the "last fully funded month of the program is April 2024".

According to the website Whistle Out, Illinois families stand to be among the states that have the most who will lose internet access coming in 10th in America.

Infographic, Whistle Out
Infographic, Whistle Out

As you can see, Illinois has among the most households that depend on the ACP program with 676,391 set to go offline.

The ACP needs additional funding or the phase out will begin. According to the FCC, if there is no additional funding past April, many Illinois families will only receive a partial discount in May of 2024. If there is still no ongoing funds for the program after May, it will end and then there will be no assistance and those in Illinois who were online because of it will be on their own.

I'm not aware of any new efforts in Congress to continue this program. Let's hope that those in Illinois who received assistance will be able to maintain their online presence as many depend on it for employment and education, too.

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