If you grew up in Missouri or Illinois, it's likely you've seen your share of deer. Even if that's true, I can almost guarantee you've never seen one quite like the epic rare hairless buck a hunter in Illinois just shared.

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Thank you to Jay Kehrer for allowing me to share his story. I first saw his hairless whitetail buck on the Field & Stream website and Facebook page. According to Jay's story, he and his son and father were hunting on 40 acres in Hamilton County, Illinois near Dale, Illinois. Based on some trail cam pictures, he knew there was a deer unlike any other he had seen nearby. That led to this incredible story he shared on his Facebook page that I share with his permission.

According to the Field & Stream article, the deer was perfectly healthy. There was no mange detected. It's just a whitetail buck that's practically hairless and no one knows why.

Thanks again to Jay for allowing us to share his incredibly unique encounter of the hairless deer kind. Most of us are likely to never see anything like it ever again.

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