I did so poorly in school that I needed someone to explain to me exactly what it means to get an 'A' grade. That's exactly what's just happened for 22 Illinois hospitals who just received the highest grade possible when it comes to how they provide safety for their patients.

Illinois is known for having a plethora of great medical facilities and this new grade card from Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade proves it. Their new ranking incorporated a number of factors including support for their staff helping patients, processes that work to eliminate errors and issues with stopping the spread of infections. These 22 Illinois hospitals all got a perfect score which is rare.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for all the Illinois hospitals that were rated. It's quite an accomplishment for Illinois to have so many medical facilities rated so highly for keeping patients safe.

Here are the Absolute 10 Best Hospitals in Illinois for 2024

Gallery Credit: Google Maps Street View

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