If you've bought groceries recently, you know that the price of food continues to go up. That's true of all grocery stores as their costs go up also. But, there are 33 grocery locations in Illinois that were just called out as being much more expensive than the others. As a matter of fact, they're ranked among the most overpriced in America.

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This is not my ranking as my lack of math skills would not permit me to figure out which Illinois stores are more expensive than another. This is a recent survey by the website Delish. They say there are a lot of reasons why stores set their food prices the way they do including "supply chain...an area’s cost of living, ingredient quality, and other supermarket competitors". They're not wrong.

With all of the numbers crunched, they included two different grocery store chains that have locations in Illinois. One is Fresh Market which has stores in Illinois in Crystal Lake, Lake Forest, Geneva and Wilmette.

The other is Whole Foods who according to my map have a whopping 29 grocery stores in IllinoisI have to confess that I've never driven by a Whole Foods location in the Land of Lincoln and had NO idea there were that many in Illinois.

Here's my 2 cents (no expensive grocery pun intended): Stores can set prices wherever they want. If you think it's too expensive, shop elsewhere. Trust me. If these stores don't have people shopping there, their prices will come down. Money talks. The fact that these chains continue to flourish in Illinois means there are many people who think what they're selling is worth it to them. That's the American economy in action. All power to them.

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