There are a lot of changes coming to Illinois in 2023 and among them is a new official slithering symbol that is about to become the snake that represents us all.

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Saw NBC Chicago mention that the Eastern Milksnake will take the throne as the official snake in Illinois in the new year. This is an interesting choice of reptile as it resembles a much more deadly relative the Copperhead while it is actually harmless.

As the Illinois Department of Natural Resources website mentions, you're more likely to run into an Eastern Milksnake in the northern part of the state while red milksnakes are found in the southern regions.

Check out how similar the Milksnake is to a venomous Copperhead.

Bob Ferguson's Fascinature via YouTube
Bob Ferguson's Fascinature via YouTube

The difference in in the shape of the head. When you see a snake with a rounded head, normally that means not venomous. When it's diamond-shaped like Rattlesnakes and Copperheads, you're in danger.

While the venomous snakes get all the publicity and attention, it's the Eastern Milksnake that gets the nod as the official snake for the Land of Lincoln as of 2023.

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