The internet needs to get better when it's using adjectives and this is a perfect example. What they've named the loneliest city in Illinois isn't really that lonely. It's decaying so please get it right.

To be fair to the fine people that live in this Illinois place, their city gets a bit of a bad rap. I have many friends who have either traveled through or have lived in Danville, Illinois and it's not the pit of despair that many people claim it to be.

24/7 Wall St just declared Danville, Illinois to be the loneliest city in the state and their methodology is reasonable and fair. Danville is made up of a staggering nearly 40% of single-person households which is a lot. More than 1 in 5 adults in Danville live alone which is sad.

To be clear, I was not the one who said Danville was "decaying". That compliment comes from this YouTube traveler who shared his journey through the city not that long ago.

There are many positive things to share about Danville, Illinois. Their Community Development page says they are "undertaking some vast improvements to the infrastructure, usability, and economic vitality of our city". Let's hope that works out. There's only one small problem. I did some digging to find out what improvements Danville was making and the most recent video from the city was from 10 years ago. Awkward.

Still, there are plenty of fine folks who call Danville, Illinois home and I'm betting they aren't that lonely. Decaying? Perhaps. Improving? Let's hope.

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