Can we agree that food and drink preferences are a very personal thing? One person's trash is another person's treasure. That's why I'm a little ticked at the internet saying that Missourians should avoid one certain coffee above all others and they have no good reason for it.

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In the interest of transparency, I don't drink this (or any) coffee, so I'm not coming to the defense of this coffee out of loyalty or anything. I just don't fully understand why it's being called out as "the worst coffee brand in America".

In defense of the article that 24/7 Wall St just shared, they do have their reasons for why they say Missouri coffee drinkers need to avoid Folgers at all costs. They assert "questionable practices", but don't say exactly what those "questionable practices" were. It could be they're referring to the Folgers "almost causing a civil war" in South America. I know coffee is a powerful part of many people's lives, but causing a civil war? I think that is questionable.

With my food routine, there is no good coffee that is allowable thanks to the sugar in it and I am not a fan of black coffee with nothing sweet in it. So, I don't care if people drink Folgers or not. But, I do believe that my friends in Missouri being told to avoid it is a bit over the top.

They even ranked Folgers as worst than Death Wish Coffee which has enough caffeine to probably shock a person to the moon. Like I said at the start, coffee like all foods and drinks are beauty in the eye of the beholder - or not.

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