If you hang out in downtown Canton, Missouri this time of year, you have to almost try to NOT see an eagle. Oh, and you might want to keep an eye on fish you catch. One fisherman learned this the hard way as one of these majestic birds made off with an unwatched fish.

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Cynthia Kell shared this fun video on Facebook Monday. It's pretty self-explanatory. One of the many eagles that frequent the Canton, Missouri riverfront this time of year found a fish and did what eagles do.

According to Cynthia's post, the other "fisherman" was another eagle who had left the fish unguarded. Finders, keepers.

Cynthia Kell via Facebook
Cynthia Kell via Facebook

As we've mentioned previously, the Canton, Missouri riverfront is one of the many great Missouri places to see eagles as they make their way down the river during January.

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