More and more people are wanting to live away from big cities and in some cases away from civilization entirely. If that's your vibe, you might be interested in the 6 best areas in Missouri to live off-the-grid from a true expert in the field.

Curtis Stone hosts a very popular YouTube channel that seems to specialize in off-the-grid living. He's covered the best spots in many states and just dropped his choices for the best places in Missouri to homestead and make your life away from civilization.

There are some basic qualifiers that Curtis seems to focus on when choosing a good off-the-grid place. For one, he warns about choosing any location that's within 50 miles of a city in Missouri. He also recommends parts of Missouri that have plenty of rain, but somewhat mild winters. With that in mind, here are 6 areas he believes are the best in Missouri for that off-the-grid lifestyle.

Off-Grid with Curtis Stone via YouTube
Off-Grid with Curtis Stone via YouTube

It appears that Curtis Stone offers a free online class for those interested in doing their own farming in Missouri and embracing the self-sufficient lifestyle that off-the-grid living provides.

Missouri has frequently been chosen as one of the best states for those wanting to live off-the-grid because of the fact that it has 4 distinct seasons and many areas that are not near more dangerous metro areas. If my family had the ability to do it, Curtis is the type of expert I would seek out to figure out how to do it safely and effectively.

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