Internet, what shall I do with you? I'm no genius either, but here's a pro tip from a guy who was born and raised in Missouri. If you're gonna pick the best 'local' food chain in Missouri, make sure it's just in Missouri, OK?

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While I call out the internet for being dumb again, I have a confession to make. They actually haven't made a bad choice. The article I'm referring to comes from Love Food which normally knows what it's doing. They decided it was time to declare the (and I quote) "best local food chain restaurant in each state". Take a wild guess which one they chose for Missouri?

Give yourself a pat on the back and a handshake of congratulations if you said Lambert's Cafe in Sikeston and Foley, Missouri. There's only one tiny problem with choosing Lambert's (which I hear is excellent, by the way) is they also are in Alabama. #RollTide?

Here's the deal. I don't have any real problems with Alabama other than the fact they're also in the SEC (that's Southeastern Conference if you're not a football person) which means us Missouri Tigers are not fans of Bama. But, back on point, this isn't about football. It's about food and Lambert's Cafe is a popular place. Throwed rolls anyone?

I try to be a live and let live person so I'm more than willing to share a little Missouri spotlight with Alabama, but only a little. Let's hope the next "best of" list the internet comes up with eliminates our cousins in the south.

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