Despite the belief of my children, I was not around in the 1880's, but I've found a Quincy, Illinois home that was. It's a grand example of what life was like 144 years ago.

I had a note from a friend that alerted me that 1469 Maine in Quincy, Illinois was featured by the Historical Homes of America Facebook page. I was not aware that this legendary home along Quincy's glorious Maine Street was available now, but that's what the Realtor listing says.

Step into the time machine with me and see what 1880 Quincy, Illinois was like.

Peek Inside a Grandiose 144-Year-Old Quincy, Illinois Manor

Gallery Credit: Sandra Frillman, Century 21 Broughton Team,

It's time to check the couch cushions and see if we can collect the current asking price of $589,000. It's not often you see the historic homes in this part of Quincy available.