A travel website compiled a list of great cities you should actually visit that are in "flyover" states, and one of the cities on this list is here in the Land of Lincoln and it deserves to be on this list!

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An article was published on the travel website tripstodiscover.com called the 14 Best Towns to Visit in Flyover States, and Springfield, Illinois makes the list. My only issue with this is that I personally don't think Illinois should be considered a flyover state, which is why I was shocked to see Springfield on the list. But at the heart of the list they are trying to convince people to visit these places, and Springfield is definitely worth a weekend trip! On the site they say...

"The capital city of Illinois is best known as the hometown of President Abraham Lincoln... Learn more about Lincoln at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site...visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. The Illinois State Museum is a natural history museum where you can learn about Native American life, fossils, and local artists...enjoy cheering on the local college league baseball team or cool off with a dip in Lake Springfield."

Other towns on this list include Bardstown, Kentucky, Medora, North Dakota, Indianapolis, and Oklahoma City, to see the full list for yourself click here!

Growing up in the Suburbs of Chicago you didn't make it down to Springfield a ton, but since moving to Quincy I regularly take trips to Springfield. It is home to great restaurants, all the shopping you need (shout out to Scheels), and so much Lincoln history to enjoy. Do you think Springfield is worthy of making this list?

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