The number one pizza place in the US according to Yelp's new list of the Top 100 Pizza Spots is in the Land of Lincoln! Illinois has plenty of spots that make the top 100 but only 1 tops the list, here are the details...

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Congrats to Pequod's Pizzeria in Chicago for being named the #1 Pizza Spot on Yelp's List of the Top 100 Pizza Spots list. Pequod's is a legendary Chicago deep-dish pizza place on the north side of the city, but what makes it the BEST in the US? On Yelp, they say...

“You can’t truly say you have a favorite Chicago-style deep dish pizza if you haven’t been to Pequod’s. They’re known for their caramelized crust. Highly recommend you get sausage and/or pepperoni as your meat, and add veggie toppings as you like. 16-inch /large can easily feed 3 normal adults. The huge plus is that they’re now offering reservations which means you get to eat on your time! Pro tip: Order immediately when you get seated.”

Yelp goes on to mention that Pequod's started in a suburb of Chicago called Morton Grove where the original location still stands (I have only ever been to the Chicago location), and the pizza has been featured recently on the hit FX show called "The Bear."

But wait...there's more!

How many of the top 100 pizza spots on Yelp's list are from Illinois? Well, Pequod's is #1, followed by Piece Brewery and Pizzeria at #17 (located in Chicago),  Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company at #27 (located in Chicago), Spacca Napoli at #44 (located in Chicago), Calo Pizzeria Restaurant & Lounge at #91 (located in Chicago), and finally Coalfire Pizza at #98 (located in Chicago). To learn more about these pizza joints, and to see the full list for yourself, click here! 

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