Missouri has already sent some of its National Guard to the Lone Star State, but why is Missouri sending resources to Texas? Here are the details...

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According to an article from FOX 2 Now, Missouri will send additional resources to Texas to help secure the border with Mexico. The state already has sent some National Guard members down there, but this time the state plans to send State Troopers, Drones, and more, in the article, they say...

"The state currently has roughly 250 Missouri National Guard members deployed to the southern border, but the governor wants more boots on the ground. Over the weekend, Gov. Mike Parson met with governors from more than a dozen states in Texas to get a better idea of Operation Lone Star and to offer more resources...Missouri plans to send more National Guard troops to Texas in the coming weeks. Parson spent Sunday in Eagle Pass, Texas, on his first trip to the southern border, meeting with Gov. Greg Abbott and a dozen other governors."

Why is the state sending these resources to Texas, the Governor said...

"When it comes to securing the border to protect the American people, we all become border states..."

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Do you agree with this?

My gut reaction to reading this news is that I agree with what Governor Parson is doing. The border is a national security issue and the state of Texas shouldn't be left to deal with this problem on its own. My second reaction is "Wow, I can't believe it has come to this..." What I mean by that is, that I can't believe our federal government is so broken that the states have to take it into their own hands to try to secure the border. As great as it is to see states helping states this is a national issue, not a state issue, and the federal government should be handling this. But until that happens, I would expect that if you have friends or family in the National Guard or are State Troopers, they may be spending some time in Texas for the foreseeable future...

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