Would you pay $187 for a hot dog? A place in Illinois is offering you the chance to buy one of these unique luxury dogs, here are the details on this pricey dog...

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According to an article from NBC Chicago, the Pendry Chicago Hotel is offering a limited-time expensive luxurious hot dog for the low price of $187... The hot dog is priced so high in honor of Chicago's upcoming 187th birthday on March 4th. What do you get for your money? On the site, they say...

"The luxury dog features a light French-style boudin blanc sausage served on a poppy seed bun with black truffle granulated mustard, seared foie gras and a porcini rye crumble...The exquistite hot dog is served alongside an Old Fashioned created with Makers Mark Cellar Aged Bourbon, Macallan 12 yr Single Malt Scotch, Luxardo cherries, and topped with gold flakes."

The article goes on to mention these hot dogs are not available for long, they are for sale this Friday (March 1st) through Tuesday, March 4th. There is a less expensive option, you can get a $28 combo which is their upscale version of a traditional Chicago-style hot dog served with a drink, to read more about these unique hot dog offerings, click here!

I wish I was rich

If I was rich I would 10000% order one of these. This is EXACTLY what rich people should do with their money! If you are so rich that $200 is like $2 for you, then you better order this ridiculous hot dog. If you are on a budget, like me, just laugh at this story and keep on scrolling.

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