Depending on which of Disney’s streaming services you subscribe to —Disney+, Hulu, or ESPN+ — your bill may go up in the very near future. And depending on what plan you use (Disney offers customers to bundle the various services together in various ways), the price increase could be pretty significant.

The monthly price of Disney+ with no ads, for example, is going up to $13.99 a month, and $139.99 a year. Previously, the monthly price was $10.99. The cost of Hulu without ads is going up as well, to $17.99 a month. However, Disney will offer a new bundle of both services (ad free) for $19.99 a month, which would save customers $12 a month compared to paying for both separately.

The current price of Netflix’s plan with no commercials is a monthly $15.49 fee; Max without ads is currently $15.99 a month.

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Here is the full list of plans and prices that was sent via a Disney press release:


The price increases (noted with an asterisk in the chart) go into effect on October 12. The new “Duo Premium” bundle option for Hulu and Disney+ together will become available starting on September 6.

$139.99 annually for Disney+ with no ads is a steep increase from just a few years ago; on my personal Disney+ account, I paid $79.99 for one year of Disney+ just last November. (Currently the Disney+ website offers new customers a full year ad-free subscription for $109.99.) And that’s only the price for a year of Disney+; it doesn’t include Hulu or ESPN+ (or any other streaming service you might want to also subscribe to, like Max or Netflix or Criterion Channel). These prices can add up very quickly for customers who want to have a variety of viewing options.

Disney+ also announced today the addition of ad-supported tiers for customers in Europe and Canada; this tier was introduced recently for U.S. customers.

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