Tyler Hubbard is releasing his sophomore solo album, Strong, on April 12. On the album is a song called "Park," and the storyline gets a little steamy.

It refers to that time Hubbard got caught neckin' in a church parking lot. The "Back Then, Right Now" singer is the latest guest on Taste of Country Nights, On Demand, and he goes into the fine details of the true — and very funny — story of the song.

When asked why he chose a church parking lot of all places, Hubbard's story plays out just like the song:

"Well, it was the darkest parking lot on the way home. I think I was actually going home from church, and I was about a mile from my house, and I should have just went on to the house and sat in the driveway."

But if Hubbard did that, we would have not gotten the song "Park."

The former Florida Georgia Line frontman continues:

"We pulled over and we were sitting there and next thing you know blue lights were behind us and we were like 'Oh-oh.'"

The story gets even juicer at this point, but for all the wrong reasons — at least, if you're a 15-year-old Hubbard

"I was 15 years- old, I didn't have my license yet, my girlfriend was 16 so we were in her car," he recalls. "She was driving me around at the time. The cop ended up escorting me home and making it a thing, bro. I had to walk to the front door, had to tell my dad!"

When further pressed for details about how his dad responded, Hubbard recalls them as if it happened yesterday: "I was pretty honest about it to him and he was like, 'Why didn't you just come home, son?'"

Hey, young love waits for nothing.

Hubbard's second solo album release is 13 tracks long and features some of the best songwriters in Nashville. There are notably no singing collaborations on this album, as Hubbard says he wants to focus on putting his voice and stories out into the world as a solo artist, before collaborating vocally with anyone just yet.

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