John Rich joins anti-woke rapper Tom MacDonald for a new song and video titled "End of the World," and the clip is blowing up online just one day after its release.

The song, which a press release describes as "apocalyptically infectious," draws from a long series of contemporary news events and fringe, conspiracy theory-tinged interpretations of other news events to weave a cautionary tale about how the "end time" depicted in the Bible is upon us and question how we got here, and why. As of Saturday (March 18), the video for the song had garnered a million views on YouTube alone since its release on Friday (March 17).

MacDonald's rapid-fire rapping in the verses references UFOs, genocide, spreading viruses, droughts, wildfires and more to paint an exceptionally dark view of the current situation of the world. That gives way to a refrain in which Rich sings, "If it's the end of the world / I will do better next time / Oh yeah, I know it / If it's the end of the world, I know that I have lived my life to the fullest."

"We stood on top of mountains / We've been to space before / We had our dogs in houses / We dug up dinosaurs / We built those bombs they're dropping / We fought in all their wars / Now that the sky is falling / What did we do it for?" Rich goes on to sing in the chorus.

The video is punctuated by fanciful images of UFOs hovering over major cities and rural areas, waiting to take over as Rich finds rocks to throw at them and MacDonald flips them off. Deliberately (one hopes) corny graphics underscore the humor, but also might tend to make it a bit harder to take the intended message about "judgement day" and the coming fall and extinction of the human race very seriously.

According to the accompanying press release, the goal of the collaboration is to unite around genres to "finally wake the f--k up."

Rich and MacDonald turned to social media in a video explaining their collaboration:

MacDonald is a rapper, songwriter and former professional wrestler who has gained attention in recent years with a series of tracks skewering liberals, including "Straight White Male," "Fake Woke," "Snowflakes" and "Brainwashed."

Rich is one-half of the superstar country duo Big & Rich, and the longtime conservative has become more and more outspoken, making a series of media appearances to discuss his views on the COVID pandemic, question the results of the 2020 presidential election and more. His most recent single, "Progress," featured the tag line, "Stick your progress where the sun don't shine."

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