Morgan Wallen had no trouble keeping fans interested during Side A of his album release concert in Nashville on Friday night (March 3), but when he flipped the record over — metaphorically speaking — the crowd of approximately 20,000 really lit up.

One Thing at a Time dropped 19 hours before showtime, and there were signs fans spent much of that time beneath his gravelly haze of whiskey, heartbreak and religion. "I Wrote the Book" could become an epic sing-along.

"Everything I Love" comes with a cheat code. Everyone has heard the Allman Brothers Band's "Midnight Rider," so singing along to this delicious country-bop is nearly instinctual.

Wallen opened with an astonishing 12 straight album cuts and a few stories before getting to a radio hit in "Thought You Should Know." It was the kind of flex his fans love, but even this audience appreciated the songs they know best.

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The last eight songs Wallen played during his 95-minute-long set (no encore) are all bangers, and the singer knows it. He's well-rehearsed in working the stage during these cuts, thrusting his microphone toward his fans in punches during the bridge of "The Way I Talk" and the chorus of "Whiskey Glasses."

At one point he ran around his round stage like Garth Brooks does during "Aint' Goin' Down." Wallen didn't lack confidence in the new material, but he's yet to rehearse and perform the new songs to the point that he has "Whiskey Glasses" kind of confidence.

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To a certain degree, he was test-driving the new material. Noticeably missing were sure-fire live hits like "Ain't That Some," but songs like "Born With a Beer in My Hand" were received very well. Others like "Thinkin' Bout Me" and "Sunrise" may need to be reimagined for his upcoming world tour, but he couldn't have a safer room in which to experiment.

Free tickets were given out less than 36 hours before showtime, and Bridgestone Arena was at capacity. These were people who dropped everything to get downtown to scoop up a pair of tickets — some even worked while in line — so it's safe to say they'd forgive one or two flat spots. By the end, however, everyone was watching him through their own whiskey glasses.

Morgan Wallen, One Thing at a Time Album Release Set List:

1. “Born With a Beer in My Hand”
2. “One Thing at a Time”
3. “I Wrote the Book”
4. “Keith Whitley”
5. Me + All You Reasons
6. “Dying Man”
7. “Whiskey Friends”
8. “Tennessee Fan”
9. “Everything I Love”
10. “Thinkin’ About Me”
11. “Sunrise”
12. “180 (Lifestyle)”
13. “Thought You Should Know”
14. “Devil Don’t Know”
15. “Sand in My Boots”
16. “Chasing You”
17. “More Than My Hometown”
18. “The Way I Talk”
19. “Whiskey Glasses”
20. “Wasted on You”
21. “Last Night”
22. “You Proof”

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