Kids say the darndest things -- even when they're attending a fancy occasion like the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony at the White House in Washington, D.C.

Mickey Guyton is the host of this year's televised holiday special, an annual White House tradition that dates all the way back to President Calvin Coolidge's administration during the 1923 holiday season. Guyton -- who also performed during the show -- made her Washington, D.C. trip a family affair, bringing her husband Grant Savoy and almost-three-year-old son Grayson along with her to the White House.

It was a big moment for little Grayson, who donned a snappy embellished black blazer for the occasion, and Guyton was feeling a little sentimental about the experience of bringing her baby to the White House.

"Everything I do, I do for this little guy," she wrote on Instagram, sharing a carousel of photos from the big day. In those photos, Guyton holds Grayson's hand as they take in the White House holiday decor, and the family of three pose for photos in front of a Christmas tree and a portrait of former First Lady Michelle Obama.

But there were some silly moments to go along with that sweetness, like when little Grayson walked into a big banquet hall lavishly decorated for the holidays. "Wow, look at this!" Guyton's voice can be heard saying, as she pans her phone around the room. But her toddler son's only got one thing on his mind. After presumably getting an eyeful of the buffet table, he whips around and asks his mom for some cake.

"You want cake?!" she replies drily.

Grayson is Guyton and Savoy's first child. She announced his birth with a photo of then-newborn Grayson in his hospital bassinet on Feb. 8, 2021.

The National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony took place last Thursday (Nov. 30), but the show hasn't televised just yet. It will air on Dec. 15 on CBS at 9PM ET/PT, and stream live on Paramount+.

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