Mickey Guyton and Kane Brown are adorably charming in the music video for their duet "Nothing Compares to You." The pair put on their acting hats to play a flirty duo who happen to be co-workers.

The video opens with Guyton and Brown backstage at the bar where they work. Brown is on the phone telling his flame that he will be out late, and it doesn't sound like she's taking the news too well.

Suddenly the manager walks in, talking on the phone in an irritated manner. Apparently the night's headlining entertainment has canceled unexpectedly. He slaps a note on the door as he leaves the room.

"Tonights show is canceled! Stand by," it reads.

Rather than accept fate, Guyton and Brown decide to take matters into their own hands and do the show themselves.

In between clips of the two serenading the crowd, we see behind-the-scenes moments of this duo working at the venue. Guyton and Brown are quite convincing as they flirt with one another, playfully spraying each other with the soda gun, trying on clothes backstage and rating each other's performances onstage.

"I’m so excited to share the official music video for my new song 'Nothing Compares to You' that features my brother Kane Brown. I’ve always been such a big fan of Kane and his work, and I felt like this was the perfect song for us to collaborate on," Guyton writes below the video on YouTube. "Grateful for the talented writers Tyler Hubbard, Bebe Rexha and Jordan Schmidt for trusting us with this song."

News of the new duet came in July, with the song dropping on July 14. The track appears to be a standalone release for the time being – it's possible it will find a home on an upcoming album.

Although she did not write "Nothing Compares to You" Guyton says she was instantly drawn to it because it paralleled her own (real life) relationship with her husband, Grant Savoy.

“[The song] definitely reminds me of the beginning of our relationship, and it’s definitely reminding me of us now in our relationship,” Guyton tells Today’s Country Radio With Kelleigh Bannen. “I mean, we had some really hard years in our relationship, about the second to the seventh year of our relationship. It was some really, really, really trying times, girl ... We almost did not make it. And now that I fought through that, and now that we have this beautiful son, just the love that I have for this man is just like ... It’s unconditional.”

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