Luke Bryan will be busy as ever in 2024 — complete with the return of his judging gig on American Idol — but he's making time for new music, too.

"My main thing is always to focus on trying to write songs. Carving out enough time to write songs. Making some albums. And then having a nice balance," the star explains during an appearance on Audacy's Rob + Holly podcast.

But keeping up that balance has been challenging. Between all the diverse pursuits he's got going on, Bryan says the past two years have been like "Navy SEAL training," and jokes that he's "learned that I can survive" the grueling schedule of a country superstar who also has a foot in Hollywood.

Bryan will soon be letting go of one commitment: His Las Vegas residency will wrap up this month, but it won't be too much longer before another takes its place.

"Well, I'm definitely gonna be out on tour," the star says as he looks ahead to 2024. "We haven't announced all that stuff yet, but it's coming down the pipeline."

Meanwhile, he's also making sure to prioritize time home with his family, and potentially even checking off a few bucket list vacation destinations in his down time. "When I'm home, I love being home. When I'm with my family, I love being with my family. Almost too much. I try to plan too many things and sometimes it backfires," Bryan admits.

"... I still got bucket list stuff, places I wanna go and see and travel, so trying to figure that stuff out, too," he continues, saying that he'd be most excited about a brown trout fishing trip to New Zealand or taking a horseback riding trip into the Arctic circle.

"I've done an Amazon peacock bass fishing trip. My children know that I've done it, and they wanna go do it," Bryan goes on to say.

The singer's kids — including 15-year-old son Bo and 13-year-old son Tate, plus three adult nieces and nephews that he adopted after the untimely death of their parents — are the outdoorsy type, too. A few months back, a fishing hook accident sent Tate to the emergency room, and even after taking a hook to the knee, the young boy was still celebrating the fact that he caught his trout.

"It's all about including the family on these things, too. I've got a lot of crazy little things that we'll try to check off the list as a family," Bryan adds. "I've done a really, really good job of brainwashing my children into doing exactly what I like to do."

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