Gabby Barrett is all about her growing girl gang.

The singer, who's currently pregnant with her third child, spoke to People on the red carpet of the People's Choice Country Awards last Thursday (Sept. 28), and said she's excited to add a second daughter to the mix.

"My first was a girl, second was a boy, third will be a girl again. So, love girls. Love raising my first one,' Barrett said. She added that "having another girl and another girl personality in the house" might be what she and husband Cade Foehner are most excited about as they look ahead to their next chapter as parents.

Barrett announced her latest pregnancy back in August with a photo of herself and Foehner sitting on a stage, surrounded by neon pink lights. A black box is in the foreground, and in a second photo, the focus shifts to the box, which reads "Baby #3."

Finally, Barrett subtly announced her next baby's sex in the announcement post with a video of herself using an at-home fetal Doppler tool to find the baby's heartbeat. "There she is," the singer says with a smile after locating the sound.

Barrett and Foehner are also parents to older daughter Baylah, who will be three years old next January, and 11-month-old Augustine Boone. The singer says that Baylah is old enough to understand that there's a new baby coming.

"And she always feels my belly and lays on it and kisses it, which is very sweet," Barrett adds. "She's two-and-a-half and so she understands it all and is very excited for her sister."

As for what the family is most nervous about with the impending new addition to the family? Barrett says that the "loss of sleep" is always the hardest part of having a newborn.

"The biggest challenge of being a mom is loss of sleep. I think any parent will say that. And then when you add another child to the mix, you have to re-balance and re-organize and get everybody's schedules down," she explains. "So it's just a matter of being prepared to lose that sleep at first, but you regain it back, so it's good."

The newest member of the Foehner family is due in February 2024. Barrett has also been teasing her sophomore album, and her two kids co-star in the music video for her newest song, "Glory Days."

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